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Nestled in Denver, Bodyworks By Ellice is your premium destination for body sculpting services, just a short 15-minute drive from the heart of Golden, Colorado. Owned by our skilled body sculpting technician, Ellice Martin, we deliver innovative, non-invasive body sculpting techniques designed for women who aspire to rejuvenate their appearance.

Body Sculpting Techniques

Although based in Denver, we have seen a growing demand for our services among women from nearby areas including Golden, Denver, Golden, Wheat Ridge, and Englewood. For those living or working in Golden, you’re just a short, easy drive away from cutting-edge body sculpting treatments that have been skillfully tailored to meet your unique needs.

Ultrasonic cavitation aids in eliminating and reducing cellulite, with transformative body contouring results.

Designed to augment blood flow, ease inflammation, and facilitate tissue repair.

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Tone and reshape your body, while stimulating blood circulation and boosting metabolism.

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A potent method to eradicate fat, restore skin elasticity and provide a relaxation effect.

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A modern remedy for wrinkle removal, fat abatement, and skin firming.

These treatments can be combined to create a comprehensive and personalized body sculpting regimen that delivers impressive, tailored results without surgical intervention.

Bodyworks By Ellice

Why Choose Us?

Meet Your Local Expert - Ellice Martin

Ellice Martin is the heart and soul of Bodyworks By Ellice. With just over six months in the industry, she brings a vibrant perspective to body sculpting, continually updating her techniques to align with the latest research and trends. This dedication ensures her clients from Golden, CO, and beyond receive the most efficient, effective, and affordable body sculpting treatments available.

A Simple Consultation Process

Ellice believes in adapting her approach for every individual. Upon your initial visit to our Denver clinic, she will hold a detailed consultation to understand your areas of concern and create a plan that suits your goals. This will typically include measurements, pictures, a revitalizing lymphatic drainage massage, and a selection of techniques best suited to your needs.

Once the session is booked, Ellice encourages her patrons to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. In the sessions that follow, she leverages her expertise to work on the identified areas, offering specials designed with care and attention that lead to the desired transformations.

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Discover Your Best Self Near Golden, CO

Bodyworks By Ellice combines cutting-edge technology and Ellice’s immense passion for her craft to deliver remarkable results. We’re just a scenic 15-minute drive from Golden, situated at 98 Wadsworth Blvd Suite 117, Lakewood, CO 80226. You’re welcome to visit us or call at 720-357-5220 to secure an appointment, or request a free consultation through our booking form.

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